Director of Photography

"Bryon and I have been working together shooting wedding films for going on eight years. I consider myself incredibly lucky and deeply connected to the work that we do and those we do it for. These are our friends. Our people. Good humans, true stories, passionate lovers. They have inspired us not only in our work but in embracing time and the irreplaceable moments of it. I am so enthusiastic on our ability to preserve moments the way that we do, using technology. It is an extraordinary privilege that so many of our ancestors did not have. Our children and our children's children–– generations and generations into the future, have the ability to really know who we all were. How we lived and how we loved. That is the greatest, most priceless and timeless part of all of this. We are lucky creatures; a fortunate generation of humans."


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Earth's natural satellite


Bryon Neal Daniels

Creative Director

"René and I are incredibly lucky to have found ourselves working in an industry where we not only love the work that we do but the people we work with. I personally enjoy the ability to offer our creative services to the community we live in. Our friends and neighbors, working towards what drives them, and us capturing and sharing their passion. I love storytelling. Everyone and everything has something worth sharing and I like the challenge of figuring out how that story is meant to be told. Capturing a wedding goes so far beyond simply documenting and I don't think enough people understand that. Each couple’s story, they all have different moods, themes, and plots. The subject matter can be almost identical but the identity and voice wildly different. It is important to be able to recognize those differences and apply them into something real."



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